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  • Penggunaan preposition AT

    Berikut adalah beberapa penggunaan AT ketika digunakan dalam prepositional phrase, baik sebagai modifier of place, modifier of time, maupun ketika digunakan dalam ungkapan-ungkapan (expressions).

    a. at + the + nama bangunan

    Phrase ini digunakan untuk menyatakan general location, tetapi kurang spesifik dibandingkan dengan IN. 
    1. Jane is at the bank at present.
    2. We met John at the bookstore yesterday.

    b. at + alamat (rumah/kantor, dll)

    Penulisan alamat umumnya diawali dengan nomor rumah/kantor, dll. kemudian diikuti oleh nama jalan, dst.
    1. Mr. Smith, our English teacher, lives at 10 Jalan Diponegoro.
    2. I once lived at 101-17 Maitland, Dundass  St. Toronto.

    c. at + jam

    1. The class begins at 7 a.m and ends at 9.30 a.m.
    2. I was helping my mother at 6 o’clock last night.

    d. at + home/school/work

    1. Why are you still at home? Aren’t you supposed to be  at school?
    2. He is usually still at work at 5 p.m.

    e. at + dawn/noon/night/ midday/dusk/ night/midnight

    Gunakan AT jika dikuti oleh  dawn (subuh), noon atau midday (tengah hari), dusk (magrib), night (malam), midnight (tengah malam); on the other hand, gunakan IN jika diikuti oleh morning, afternoon, evening. (Lihat Penggunaan IN. c)
    1. Bats are nocturnal animals because they are active at night.
    2. We usually have lunch at noon.
    3. They are hardworking persons. They leave the house at dawn and return home at dusk.

    f. at least

    At least = at the minimum= sekurang-kurangnya/minimal.
    1. In order to be admitted as a student at the Canadian universities, you’re required to have a TOEFL score at least 550. (be admitted = diterima)
    2. If you want to improve your English, you will need to spend at least an hour a day to read the grammar, to look up dictionary, and to practice.

    g. at once

    At once = immediately = segera.
    1. Please submit your report at once.
    2. I don’t have much time to wait. Please come here at once.
    Note: jika tanpa AT, ONCE dapat berarti “satu kali” dan “dulu”.

    h. at + present/the moment

    At present = at the moment = now= sekarang.
    1. I was reading the usage of the simple present tense this time yesterday, but at present I am reading  this topic.
    2. He is on the phone at the moment.

    i. at times

    At times = once in a while = occasionally = sekali-sekali, kadang-kadang. Perhatikan: pada ungkapan ini, kata time selalu diimbuhi huruf s (menjadi: at times), bukan at time.
    1. At times, it is hard to understand what he says.
    2. Hey guys! Let’s get together at times. (get together = ngumpul-ngumpul).

    k.  at first

    At first= initially = in the beginning = pada awalnya.
    1. Rini was nervous at first, but later she felt more relaxed.
    2. Even though James was not attracted to Ani at all at first, he gradually admired her inner beauty. (gradually = sedikit demi sedikit; admire = mengagumi).

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